Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today was a good day.

The pangs for sweets after lunch weren't as strong as they were yesterday.

I drank more water today, which was a goal of mine, and I also took some spinach from the salad bar in addition to tomatoes, for my mid-day meal.

And I came home and walked Lux for over an hour, it was gorgeous outside.  We walked in some new areas of Brookline I hadn't been in, and I'm so glad I went that way. I'd like to explore new areas more frequently, that's my goal for us.

What worked today:

After my long walk with Lux, I had a nice salad with a Tofurky sausage and lettuce and Catalina dressing and some tomatoes. It wasn't TOO MUCH, so I wasn't so stuffed when I hit up the gym at 8:55 PM!

I did a killer biceps and shoulder workout!

Today was great!

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