Friday, September 9, 2011

The Carb Cycling is working!

There is one food that I am not allowing in the house anymore. It's edamame. It comes frozen, and is great for you. However, it is relatively high in carbs for a veggie. Worse off: I tended to snack on it at night, because it's really that good. I'd nuke a handful at a time for 20 seconds, and it comes out room temperature. It reminds me of the peas that come in the peapods and you eat raw. sooo delicious.

But, I'm close to show time and I can't have any temptation.

This carb cycling is ALREADY WORKING! In less than 1 week of the diet change, I can SEE and FEEL my abs changing. In the mirror, I see more definition than I have so far, and it's really exciting. After not seeing changes for quite some time, I started to feel nervous. But now I am seeing some changes. Again, I'm a little more aggressive on the carb cycling than my online coach told me to, but I don't want to do things halfway. I think it's a good choice.

I have had pretty good energy despite the lower carbs.

No lie..... this is me today. ------------>

I took what my personal trainer's advice that he gave me yesterday: all my sets should be all-out. All-out. I guess I never realized that sometimes I don't go all out. The gym was muggy, I was a sweaty mess, but it was an awesome leg workout. I went to failure with all of my exercises, and the superset from the quad extension and hamstring curl machine finished off my legs. I tried the new decline side-crunch (awkward, I had to have my PT show me, after I tried 10 of my own variations the other day). It is awesome.

Then I did a kickboxing class, an old standby. I didn't go all out in that class because I wanted to use it as my steady state cardio, and I've had 3 days in a row of HIIT. Then after that was done, I finished of my last ab exercise for the day: Roman Chair Straight-Leg Lifts. OOoh MAN you can actually FEEL those sculpting your abs. I'm getting a lot better at them. I used to be able to do only 6 or 8 leg lifts each set, but now I can get 10, and I can bend my legs a bit and change the leverage enough to hammer out another 4 or so. Then I bend my knees and bring them to my chest. I tend to get lazy with abs usually, so I kept thinking today "Bikini on Stage, Bikini on Stage, Gotta Rip Up the Abs." It TOTALLY WORKED... I did a lot better ab workout keeping that in mind.

Hit up the tanning place for 5 minutes in my stand-up. I'm putting sunblock on my tanned parts in the hopes to balance out my farmer's tan on my shoulders and legs.

Then I did my laundry


  1. Hey, I'm wanting to do carb cycling really bad, but I have no idea how to do it correctly with a vegan diet. I either still go over on my carbs for 'low' days by a lot, and I never can get enough stinking protein. I eat whole, healthy foods. I just really want to figure out how much of what I'll need, and how to do it Vegan so I can follow it religiously :( Any help you have would be wonderful! Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle, are you training for a competition? Or are you just trying to lean out?

      I always had low carbs to begin with because I had to seriously slim down in 4 months (or less), so it was hard, but it worked.

      One thing, is that no matter what day, I never had carbs after meal 3, really ever, unless I had a few chick peas on my salad, but generally I had no carbs.

      The hard part is forcing yourself to be weaned off carbs. It is NOT EASY... it's painful, sometimes I had anxiety and frustration.

      Most of my protein comes from rice protein shake... that's it. Really, it sucks that there aren't low-carb protein options (other than tofu, but that doesn't agree with me and it doesn't have all that much protein anyway).

      It's a huge sacrifice to have all those protein shakes. I recommend rice protein over pea protein. Try's version.

      There is very little fun or enjoyable about low carbs... :( what are your goals?