Monday, September 5, 2011

My practice walk and pose video could be a comedy movie

It's really hard to get up to speed when your hallway is only so long. Actually, for Boston, my apartment is pretty enormous, since it's not in one of the buildings in Beacon Hill or Commonwealth Avenue that was subdivided into dozens of tiny disgusting units through the years and sold off for half a mil.

Tonight I videotaped (do we even call it videotape when it's a digital camera?) Videoed? That sounds like a fake word, like "staycation" or "twitter". Shudder.

Anyways, I'm not feeling great, and I realized that in EXACTLY TWO MONTHS I will be competing. Scary, scary stuff people.

Everybody laugh and point. Ready..... GO

My coach just e-mailed me in response to my weekly check-in.

My diet just changed!! 2 days of 2 starches a day, then 1 days with 3 starches, then back to 2 days of 2 starches.

After all of my reading of "Carb Cycling," I've now been graced with its presence. Yay Carb Cycling!

I'm pumped!

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